Música Viva 2012 Festival - Giving Voice!

18th Edition!

The art of Portuguese music is experiencing what is probably its most remarkable golden age, superior to the times of polyphony; simultaneously Portugal is facing a profound crisis: both essentially philosophical and derivatively economic!

Contradicting the disinvestment in art and culture practiced by the Portuguese government, contemporary composers and performers affirm this richness and vitality without precedent, to which the Música Viva Festival has given voice since 1992; being a privileged vehicle for communication of music created here and now, of music reinventing itself day by day.

A platform for circulation, and encounter of various ideas and aesthetics, the programme of the 18th edition of the Música Viva Festival, which will be taking place in Lisbon at two different venues and timelines – September 18th to 23rd at the Belém Arts Centre and from October 1st to 10th at the Goethe-Institut in Lisbon – will be devoted, in its essence, to new Portuguese creation, with the focus on the relations of music with technology.

Counting with the excellence and complicity of a diversified array of artists and participants, without the generosity of whom it would not  have been possible to realize this year this event, the Festival’s programme will include debates, an "excessive" sound installation, the 2nd International Forum for Young Composers of the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble, and nine concerts presenting around 60 works, among which 40 are by Portuguese composers and with 15 premiere performances. The highlight will be given to the music of Constança Capdeville (for her 75th anniversary and 20 years after her passing) and to the music of Álvaro Salazar at the opening concert entirely dedicated to his work. At an extraordinary concert the Festival also gives homage to the recently passed away Portuguese composer, Emmanuel Nunes.

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Belém Arts Centre - September 18-23

Goethe-Institut Lisbon - October 1-10

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9h00 p.m. - CCB - Small Auditorium (Pequeno Auditório)

The opening concert of the Música Viva 2012 Festival includes the participation of various renowned Portuguese performers and puts into perspective two recent, major and closely interrelated works composed by Álvaro Salazar, “Estudos Incomunicantes” I/A and I/B – the second piece will be performed for the first time. The work of Álvaro Salazar, composer, conductor, professor and music critic, constitutes a reference point in the Portuguese contemporary culture. His music represents a particular taste for textures, in which the sound is sculpted by silence.

Elsa Marques Silva piano
Eugénia Schvetz piano
Inês Vicente reciter
Coral de Letras da Universidade do Porto

José Luís Borges Coelho conductor

Álvaro Salazar Estudos Incomunicantes I/A (2008)
(2 pianos)

Álvaro Salazar Estudos Incomunicantes I/B (2008) [WP]
(2 pianos, reciter and mixed voices)


Co-production: Oficina Musical


October 1-10, 2012

Sound Walk - Sound Garden
at the Goethe Institut Garden

from 10h00 a.m. to 1h00 p.m.
& from 2h30 p.m. to 7h00 p.m.

Resulting from an international invitation directed by Miso Music Portugal to composers of electroacoustic music, between October 1st and 10th, the 5th edition of the Sound Walk / Sound Garden, collective and original sound installation, will give the visitors of the Goethe-Institut Garden an opportunity to immerse in various soundscapes, this year under the "sound-text composition" theme.

see selected works

Associated Festival:

Monday, October 8, 2012

9h00 p.m. - Goethe-Institut

"One of the most important composers of his generation - and one of the most inventive. He succeeded in creating a world of sound exclusively his own but in which the echo of the near and distant past remain audible. Thus he achieved early on a synthesis between the most dominant movements in the music of the post-war era, represented by Boulez and Stockhausen. (...) For Nunes composing is a journey of initiation - and that is exactly how the listener perceives his music. He embodies both the mystic and the Wanderer. The impression of richness in sound that one experiences physically when listening to his music - its epiphanic character - is accompanied by a fundamental restlessness, by a tragical feeling, a hand-to-hand combat with an idea. (...). The works of Emmanuel Nunes are veritable cathedrals. The light which they radiate and which touches us, comes from a great distance and is like no other." (Philippe Albèra; Source: Universal Music Publishing House - Casa Ricordi)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9h00 p.m. - CCB - Rehearsal Room (Sala de Ensaios)

Concert in two chapters. In the first one the Oficina Musical and the Atelier de Composição present a recital by Nuno Aroso, musician with an already firm position in the percussion panorama, with a programme, which joins works by Portuguese composers from various generations. In the second chapter the OpenSPEECH trio presents "Transversalities", compositions conceived from improvised interpretations of graphic scores. Pictograms, abstract notations, polymorphic textures disposed in structural open forms, activate contexts, suggesting materials articulations and possible concurrences. Extensive acoustic techniques, dissonant textures and concretisms captured by the live processing, emerge from the heterodox crossing of the classical contemporary paradigmatic conception with the idiosyncratic tension and spontaneous creativity of the European improvisation school.


Nuno Aroso percussion
(Oficina Musical soloist)

Miso Studio computer music design

Luís Antunes Pena – Três Quadros sobre Pedra (2008)
(percussion and electronics

Álvaro Salazar – Giuoco Piano (2011) [WP]
(percussion and electronics)

Virgílio Melo – Mán (2012) [WP]
(steel drums and electronics)

Pedro Junqueira Maia – 'xcuse me while i kiss the sky (2010)
(percussion, guitar and electronics)

Co-production: Oficina Musical




Carlos Bechegas
flutes, voice, objects and electronics
Ulrich Mitzlaff
violoncello and electronics

Carlos Santos laptop (“live-processing”)

Transversalities improvised interpretations of graphic scores

Introduction to the concert by Pedro Amaral

Suzanna Lidegran, violin
Miguel Azguime, sound projection
Vítor Vieira, violin | Jorge Alves, viola | Marco Pereira, violoncello
Matosinhos String Quartet

Wroks by Emmanuel Nunes:

Einspielung I (1979)
(violin solo)

73-Oeldorf-75 (1975)
(electroacoustic music)

Sonata a Tre (1986)
(string trio)

Remembering Emmanuel Nunesconversation with the audience around the figure of Emmanuel Nunes






October 6-10, 2012

2nd International Forum for Young Composers

In order to stimulate the creation and circulation of new music works by young composers the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble, the Goethe-Institut in Lisbon and the Musikhochschule in Munich are organizing, this year in collaboration with the Música Viva 2012 Festival, the second edition of the Sond’Ar-te International Forum for Young Composers, which will be taking place between October 6th and 10th at the Goethe-Institut in Lisbon. The Forum’s objective is to give young composers the opportunity to create and present their new works in public. The organizers also wish to create a privileged space for exchange of experience and ideas between young composers and performers from different countries.
The 2nd edition of the Sond’Ar-te International Forum for Young Composers, involving the participation of young composers, residing both in Portugal and Germany, will also include a public discussion on the situation of young composers in the European context and a “public rehearsal and analysis” of the works, which will be premiered in concert.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9h00 p.m. - CCB - Rehearsal Room (Sala de Ensaios)

Concert in two chapters. In the first one the Machina Lírica Ensemble, which gave its first performance at the Música Viva 2010 Festival, will give world-premiere performances of 5 new works. In the second one the ER RM and RG trio will give its world-premiere performance, in the context of improvisation, in which a narrow set of sound material is submitted to intense control of its temporal existence. The trio is constituted by 3 generations of renowned musicians
(16 years of age difference between each one of them) with diverse careers; viola trombone and computer examine the limits between liberty and rigour.

Machina Lírica Ensemble

Monika Streitová flute
Pedro Rodrigues guitar
José Luís Ferreira musical informatics


José Luís Ferreira – L’Histoire d’amour entre... (2012) [WP of the flute and guitar version]
(flute, guitar and live electronics)

Evgueny Zoudilkine – Aguarela III (2012) [WP]
(flute and guitar)

Massimo Davi – 4 Canzoni di Flora (2011) [WP]
(flute and guitar)

Carlos Caires – SAH (2012) [ WP]
flute, guitar and electronics)

Petra Bachratá – Machina Lírica (2012) [WP]
(flute, guitar)




Ernesto Rodrigues viola
Radu Malfatti trombone
Ricardo Guerreiro

ER+RM+RG - improvisation trio

Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble

Guillaume Bourgogne conductor
Sílvia Cancela flute
Luís Gomes
Suzanna Lidegran
Nelson Ferreira
Joana Gama
Paula Azguime
sound projection
Miso Studio
computer music design

October 9th – 9h00 p.m.

Open rehearsal and analysis of the Forum works by the composers and with the participation of the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble.

October 10th – 9h00 p.m.

Discussion with the participation of the Forum composers moderated by Siegfried Mauser, Miguel Azguime and Luís Tinoco: “Perspectives for Young Composers in the European Context”.


Henrik Ajax Drawing Lines (2012) [WP]
(2nd International Forum for Young Composers)

Rui Penha Pendulum (2012) [WP]
(2nd International Forum for Young Composers)

Nuno Peixoto de Pinho Dialogismos II (2012) [WP]
(2nd International Forum for Young Composers)

Arash Safaian In Symmetrie (2012) [WP]
(2nd International Forum for Young Composers)


Hugo Ribeiro – et alibi (2012) [WP]
(commission: Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble)

Co-production: Goethe-Institut, Musikhochschile in Munich and Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble
Artistic Direction: Siegfried Mauser e Miguel Azguime


Friday, September 21, 2012

9h00 p.m. - CCB - Small Auditorium (Pequeno Auditório)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

5h00 p.m. - CCB - Small Auditorium (Pequeno Auditório)

Do you remember the moment of your birth?
Do you know how many members does a children choir have?
Would you like to travel with a water droplet through the water cycle indispensable for the life of human beings on Earth?
This spectacle invites for an auditive and visual journey in the infantile imaginary through the music of various composers: beginning with a “Sound Told Fairy Tale”, passing through various works from the children's choir repertoire (including a rare piece by Constança Capdeville) and finishing with the opera “The Little Girl Water Droplet”, which is about water cycle indispensable for human life on Earth, telling a story of a water droplet leaving the sea, evaporating and travelling with the wind... before coming back again to the sea. The opera’s setting is concomitantly built upon infantile visual imagery through real and digital images. The drawings, the videos, the representations and its transformations hand in hand with movements/choreography of the choir contribute to the perception and fruition both of the music and the story. The music, sung by children, joins spoken and singing voices, real-time sound transformations of voice as well as nature and electronic sounds projected in space.

Children Choir of the Lisbon University
João Lucena e Vale piano
Erica Mandillo musical direction
Leonor Cardoso piano
Ágata Mandillo narrator

Simão Costa Quando eu Nasci (2010)
(reciter and electronics)

Constança Capdeville – O Natal do Anjinho Dorminhoco (1963)
(CIUL Preparatory Choir)

Vasco Negreiros – de: Trava Lengas e Lenga Línguas:
A Pulga, O Tigre, A Velha (2007)

(4-hand piano and choir)

Simão Costa (story by Isabel Martins) Quando eu Nasci (2010)
(reciter and electronics)

João Camacho – Canção (2011)

Fernando Lopes-Graça – Ai por cima se ceifa o pão (1960)

Fernando Lopes-Graça – Vós chamais-me moreninha (1977)

João Lucena e Vale – era uma vez (2012)
(4 hands piano and choir)

Ernst Toch – Fuga Geográfica (1930)


Miguel Azguime composition & libretto on the original text by Papiniano Carlos
Paula Azguime concept, video staging and sound diffusion
Erica Mandillo musical direction and choreography
Ágata Mandillo
Children Choir of the Lisbon University
Camila Robert as Menina Gotinha de Água (the Little Girl Water Droplet)
André Perrotta
technical direction and software programming

Perseu Mandillo filming and image treatment
Sara Janic costumes
special acknowledgement to the family of Papiniano Carlos

Miguel Azguime – The Little Girl Water Droplet (children's opera; 2011)
(reciter, choir, electronics, video and live interactive system)

Support: Universidade Católica do Porto, CITAR,  Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, EGEAC – CML, Pastéis de Belém



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Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém & Goethe-Institut
Partial Financing: DGArtes - Secretaria de Estado da Cultura
Support: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

5h00 p.m. - CCB - Small Auditorium (Pequeno Auditório)

Homage to Constança Capdeville
“In the year, in which Constança Capdeville should commemorate her 75th anniversary, and in response to the challenge of Miso Music Portugal to conceive an event with works by Capdeville, I found it important to propose a performance, which, without being «in the manner of», would evoke a similar context in every way to that created by Capdeville in her works: integrating them in one performance conceived as a whole, including and coexisting with the pieces and moments, of which it consists.
Regarding the title, «Ce désert est faux.», employed in one of Capdeville’s works, though taken from a text by Breton and Éluard, it can be interpreted freely or in a literal way: this place, which sometimes they want us to believe to be a desert, is not a desert: this is false since «the shadows, which I dig let the colours appear, as well as many absurd secrets»”.

António de Sousa Dias

Nuno Vieira de Almeida piano
António De Sousa Dias
direction and percussion
Luís Madureira
Carlos Martins saxophone
João Natividade dance
Pedro Wallenstein
double bass
Lisbon Contemporary Music Group

João Paulo Santos conductor
João Pereira Coutinho flute
Ana Castanhito

Fátima Pinto percussion
Paulo Amorim guitar

José Machado violin
Ricardo Mateus viola
Jorge Sá Machado

"Ce désert est faux." – performance conceived and directed by António de Sousa Dias with the works by Constança Capdeville   [WP]

Release of the 6th issue of Glosas journal dedicated to the life and work of Constança Capdeville. Glosas is dedicated to the music of Portuguese composers.

Remebering Constança – conversation with the audience around the figure of Constança Capdeville

With the support of Nuno Vieira de Almeida, António de Sousa Dias, Luís Madureira, Carlos Martins, João Natividade, João Paulo Santos, Pedro Wallenstein and the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group

Co-production: Lisbon Contemporary Music Group
Support: Cinemateca Portuguesa


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