Sound Walk / Sound Garden 2012

Selected Works

Resulting from an international invitation directed by Miso Music Portugal to composers of electroacoustic music, between October 1stand 10th, the 5th edition of the Sound Walk / Sound Garden, collective and original sound installation, will give the visitors of the Goethe-Institut Garden an opportunity to immerse in various soundscapes, this year under the "sound-text composition" theme.

The works selected for the 2012 edition are:

Composer Work
Anna Korsun Micromaa
Anne-Claude Iger La Luna ha perso il suo occhio
António Ferreira Tempus Fugit
Cesare Saldicco Digressione Ipertestuale Nr.10
Christian Banasik Letzte Gebarde offener Munder
Christos Alexopoulos Is This Real?
Christos Zachos The Spell
Damian O’Riain Ever Decreasing Circles
Denise Ritter sphaira01_remix_2012
Donika Rudi Emotion Machine
Emma O’Halloran Stochasticity
Gerald Fiebig Emptied Words
Herbert Baioco Griechenland: Ich liebe dich!
João Fernandes F
Junya Oikawa Growing Verse
Luis Marques Sing at 83.33Hz
Matías Couriel Interference
Nichola Scrutton Word of Mouth
Rosa Parlato Transfert
Ruud Roelofsen Glittering Fragments
Sirpa Jokinen Take a Winter Walk in the Garden with Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Stephen McCourt Ideomas (2nd and 3rd movement)
Thomas McConville Cecilia
Vedran Mehinovic Alpha State Suggestions
William Price 2 Days in the Tank