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12th International Electroacoustic Composition Competition - Música Viva 2011

The 12th edition of this competition received 179 works from 35 countries.

"Anthozoa" by Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia)
"sys_m1" by Louise Harris (United Kingdom)
"Sting" by Theodore Karkatselas (Greece)

Honorable Mentions:
"Turbulent Blue" by Jon Christopher Nelson (USA)
"2261" by Mario Mary (France)

Jury: Bertrand Dubedout (France), António de Sousa Dias (Portugal), Miguel Azguime (Portugal)


The winnig works were broadcasted in Arte Electroacústica:
"Anthozoa" by Daniel Blinkhorn & "sys_m1" by Louise Harris - LISTEN HERE
"Sting" by Theodore Karkatselas - LISTEN HERE


The winning works were also presented in concert by the Loudspeakers Orchestra with sound projection by Miguel Azguime, on September 14, 2011 at 21h00, in the Small Auditorio of the Belém Arts Centre, in the context of the Música Viva 2011 Festival.