Sound-Told Fairy Tales

Electroacoustic Theatre

concept & sound diffusion: Paula Azguime
selection and adaptation of stories: Ágata Mandillo
interpretation: Rosinda Costa, Ana Mandillo, Ágata Mandillo
musical informatics: Miguel Azguime
technical implementation: Miso Studio

To listen to a story twice, to listen to the sense of words supported by sound, to let the imagination fly with the music. The narrator tells the story and the composer reveals it with sound. The music travels in space, involves the children, takes them to an imaginary world made of sound, a place where all is possible, where reality is different, everything transformed and revealed.

Thought for children of primary education, Sound-Told Fairy Tales by the Electroacoustic Theatre offers an innovative and enriching way of telling a story. The sounds and music suggest without influencing the imagination, they complete the semantic meaning of words and allow us to see beyond, to fly ... maybe! The spatialized sound through a small "loudspeaker orchestra" arranged around the public provides a deep immersion and a unique sensory experience.

Sound-Told Fairy Tales by the Electroacoustic Theatre presents in a single performance, a collection of different stories of such emblematic authors as Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm Brothers, as well as Portuguese authors of children literature, among which you can find both renowned and young writers with unpublished stories. What bound together, and in different ways, is the ability to transform themselves through music and sounds that each composer has invented for each of them.


List of works:

A Ilha
music: Rui Penha | text: João Gomes de Abreu . Yara Kono

O pássaro da cabeça
music: Joana Sá | poem: Manuel António Pina
narrator: Ágata Mandillo 

Quando eu Nasci - vídeo
music: Simão Costa / story: Isabel Martins
(commission: Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal)

Uma Mesa é uma Mesa. Será?
music: José Luís Ferreira / story: Isabel Martins
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

A menina dos olhos de chuva
music: Ângela Lopes / story: Anne Lauricella
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

A Velha e o Ladrão
music: Sérgio Pelágio / story: António Torrado
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

Nuno e os Monstros - video
music: Isabel Soveral / story: Ágata Mandillo
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

music: Isabel Pires / story: Ana de Castro Guimarães
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

O Rouxinol do Imperador
music: Miguel Azguime / story: Hans Christian Andersen
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

A Música do Silêncio Mágico
music: António Ferreira / adaptation of The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

A Estrela do Mar foi Viajar
music: Simão Costa / story: Mafalda de Azevedo
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

O Pescador e a sua mulher
music: Andre Bartetzki / story: Grimm Brothers 
(commission: Miso Music Portugal)

O Pastorinho e a Flauta
music: Carlos Guedes / tradicional story from the Douro region recreated by Alexandre Parafita 
(commission: Miso Music Portugalwith the support of the Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte)

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