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"If there are relevant events in the history of Portuguese music, one of them is certainly the foundation of Miso Music Portugal (…). (…) it has ultimately reached the international scene with splendour, within a projection rarely experienced before, garnering respect of prominent individuals and institutions, and which has been affirmed by musicians and institutions in Portugal and various countries. With Miso Music Portugal our country has one of the most relevant cultural instruments dedicated to Portuguese music in modern times."

Cândido Lima, composer

"For me, participating or working directly in Miso Music Portugal's projects has always been of greatest importance for my artistic and intellectual development. It is an institution which develops a unique work, of greatest significance in the Portuguese music environment, for above all, they understand the problems we face, and instead of crossing their arms they work and think of solutions, which are applied and turned into reality."

Bruno Gabirro, composer

" (…) in the last fifteen years there has been no other institution in Portugal, neither private nor state-owned, which in terms of Portuguese contemporary music would produce so much and with such quality and excellence. The work of Miso Music has contributed to the appearance of new composers and new audiences, within a formation without parallel in our recent history. It is an incentive for producing and enjoying the most recent aesthetics, stimulating the creators (…), to realize and present the result of their work, of their research and aesthetic concerns."

Tiago Cutileiro, composer

"Miso Music Portugal has had a fundamental role in the promotion of contemporary art music, (…), particularly within two important aspects: performance and composition; either in realizing performances, concerts and other events, or in commissioning works to young Portuguese composers. And these activities are not limited only to Portugal, but extended internationally."

Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, composer

"Over the various years of its existence and in spite of the scarce resources, the MISO has certainly become the entity which has the most promoted and supported Portuguese music and musicians, in Portugal and abroad. This support and promotion should continue for the sake of Portuguese Culture."

José Luís Ferreira, composer

"For the first time in Portugal a project, whose principal objective is the creation and live divulgation of Portuguese music, not only by means of the Música Viva Festival, but also through its ample season of music activities, which does not fail to include training courses in its programming, showing an exemplary sense of responsibility towards the new generation of composers."

Isabel Soveral, composer

"Miso Music Portugal has been realizing a truly unique and unprecedented work in the divulgation, register and consolidation of contemporary music practice in Portugal. It is also with profound admiration and appreciation that I find its activity from the recent years extended beyond the Música Viva Festival - (…). (…) this entity has been a source of great encouragement to music creation for the pupils of the composition course at the ESMAE, as well as the electronic music and music production course at the ESART (Polytechnic Institute in Castelo Branco)."

Carlos Guedes, composer

"Miso Music Portugal has had a decisive and unique role in the divulgation of contemporary music in general, making it possible for us to have access to different editions with Portuguese music, later on transmitted on air, and opening our door to making recordings of a series of high quality concerts, (…). (…), I owe my gratitude directed to Miso Music Portugal, and particularly to its artistic director Miguel Azguime for his great dynamism, professionalism and dedication (…), which clearly benefit for the public radio service and Portuguese music."

João Almeida, director of Antena 2 (Portuguese National Radio)

“(...) in the years I have known and worked with Miso Music I have always been astonished by the breadth and scope of the work the company undertakes and its commitment to promoting and encouraging awareness among the public in Portugal and abroad. (...), this is a company that understands how to take care of artists and to provide an environment of creative and practical excellence (...)”

Frances M. Lynch, performer, soprano

“I have found Música Viva, and all other projects of Miso Music (including their performing groups and recordings etc.), to be of the highest artistic merit. Furthermore they are run at the most professional organizational level. In the context of the international contemporary music scene Miso Music has an exceptional record of acheivement.” 

John McLachlan, composer

"(…) I have been always very well received and accompanied within the Música Viva Festival, which is known around the world as one of the most original events of contemporary music and for its use of new technologies in service of music creation. Both for its human and professional qualities, I recommend unreservedly the work of Miso Music Portugal."

Pedro Carneiro, performer, composer, conductor

“Miso Music Portugal has been a much valued partner of the British Council on a range of projects over a number of years. Our mission is to associate ourselves with that has what we call World Authority status. (...) I am pleased to confirm that Miso Music sits prominently amongst these. (...) The extraordinarily creative partnership of Miguel Azguime and Paula Azguime, formidable and inspiring advocates for the exciting, experimental, innovative side of contemporary music making, is impressive on all levels; their projects stand clearly within the most highly distinctive and imaginative of music events. (...)
Most recently, we have been honoured to work closely with Miso Music on a project called Circuits. (...): an immensely rewarding and memorable experience.”

Gill Caldicott, director of the British Council Portugal, September 2008


“(...) I have seen only a few organizations worldwide, which can be in a position to have the sustained level of artistic quality and diversity that the MISO has achieved in the past years. The diverse venues and events involved always include the best the world can offer in the vast field of contemporary music. (...)
Another aspect that makes MISO deserving any possible support is the educational activities, which take place regularly, in which students and applicants can attend courses with first class personalities from all field of contemporary music.”

Javier A. Garavaglia, composer and coordinator of the Music Technology Department
(Sound for Media) of the London Metropolitan University