Avaton Festival

In response to the Call of the Cyprus Music Information Centre (CyMIC) to the partners of the MINSTREL project, Miso Music Portugal / Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre proposed various works by Portuguese composers published by the MIC.PT to be included in the program me of the 4th edition of the Avaton Festival, which is taking place in the first week of June 2014 in Limassol (Cyprus).

The works sent in response to the Call are: Hokmah (2009) by João Pedro Oliveira, Etude I - sur la permanence du geste (2005) by Pedro Amaral, Ressonâncias (2000) by Ângela Lopes (2000), Cinco Circunstâncias para Clarinete e Piano (1995) by  António de Sousa Dias, Trindades (2011) by Fernando C. Lapa, Il Tempo dell'Acqua (1991) and Paúis, Impressões do crepúsculo (1967) by Cândido Lima, Trio (2011) by Pedro Rebelo, as well as Castelos d'Oiro em Mundos Irreais… (1990) by Clotilde Rosa.

The results will be announced soon.


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