Electronic Geographies

Loudspeaker Orchestra

The first electronic music studio (at the time designated as musique concrète) was founded in Paris in 1948. After that, many other centres for electronic music creation appeared all over the world, adding up to a diverse and multicultural geography of sounds produced with electroacoustic and electronic means. 
Thanks to its international partnerships and affiliations, for example as Portuguese federation of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (CIME / ICEM), Miso Music Portugal has in its archives a vast collection of electronic works - historical pieces from many of the above-mentioned studios, as well as more recent ones composed by various contemporary composers, with whom Miso Music Portugal has had privileged relations. In this context Miso Music Portugal proposes concert programmes with electronic music from the most diverse geographical areas, that is from such countries as France, Germany, Poland, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Norway. The Electronic Geographies concert programmes can also combine music from these geographical areas, thus constituting a music journey through various continents.

The programme details are available upon request.

The Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra is a multichannel, sound projection system designed for diffusion of electronic music. Its main objective is to introduce an interpretative dimension to electronic music, as well as to ritualize its performance, enabling and expressive communication with the audience. More information.


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