Workshop Frances M Lynch on Chant d’Ailleurs by Alejandro Viñao

31 de Março  10h to 19h | O’culto da Ajuda | Lisboa

Frances M Lynch offers a workshop to any singer who would like to learn the techniques needed to perform “Chant d’ailleurs” by Alejandro Viñao. This includes vocal techniques eg: a number of different vibratos and ululations; sliding and tuning, and sound adaptations: and techniques for syncing with the tracks, both using visual clicks and understanding the nature of the interactions and flow between the voice and the track: and techniques for learning and performing the work theatrically as directed by the composer.

The workshops will be filmed and edited to create a lasting legacy for this masterwork that will enable performers worldwide to study and prepare the work. You will receive your own copy of course and the composer will place it on his website. If you do not yet know the piece please contact the composer directly and he will send you a score. You should prepare as much as you can in advance in order to get the most out of the experience.

The workshop will take place in Lisbon at O’culto da Ajuda on the 31st of March, from 10h until 19h. To enroll for the workshop send an email with your name, short bio and contacts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (free admittance)



Frances has pursued an international solo career at the forefront of contemporary vocal music, specializing in Music-Theatre, Electronic Music, Opera, and Chamber Music.

She has worked closely with many composers, including: Berio, Bicat, Kagel, Weir, Azquime, Soveral, Wallen... and very particularly with Viñao with whom she has worked on many premieres in Europe. Her flexible vocal skills were inherent to his writing -  particularly of the award winning “Chant d’ailleur” – and he has written many works for her and her company of singers - ELECTRIC VOICE THEATRE.

She has appeared as a soloist with Scottish Chamber Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Moderne, The Lost Jockey, Communicado Theatre Company, Second Stride Dance Theatre, Gulbenkian Orchestra... and many more.

As an internationally renowned performer, Frances has appeared across the globe – throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and the USA.

Current projects include – _ECHOES - MINERVA SCIENTIFICA - promoting women in science and music which is currently touring in Scotland. New projects throughout the UK with Universities, colleges, schools, community choirs and orchestras and scientific institutions are being developed over the next few years.

Frances has a small teaching practice in North London, with a wide range of students from professionals  to amateurs, adults to children. Her teaching includes helping singers work on vocal, musicianship, performance and recording techniques and coaching for contemporary music.

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