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Research and Experimentation have always been indispensable processes with regards to the creation and development of new languages and new artistic forms, particularly nowadays when art has an increasingly strong connection with the scientific and technological evolution of modern societies.
In order to respond to this need Miso Music Portugal has always had Research in the foundation of its various projects, thus contributing in an active way to the "discovery" of new languages within the art of sound, and promoting research in art, as well as potentiating the presentation of works with live electronics or tape.

In this context the main role belongs to the Miso Studio where one develops specific software and hardware, dedicated to the functioning of electroacoustic music in each work, with emphasis on the computer music systems implemented for electronic processing in real time, spatialization and multichannel diffusion.

These systems constitute the "heart" of the Miso Studio, a mobile unit specialized in the realization of concerts with mixed music (acoustic instruments and electronics), or with "tape", to which the Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra, a multichannel system for sound projection, introduces an interpretative dimension, with the aim to ritualize the performance of electroacoustic music and to enable an expressive communication with the audience.
Therefore, the Miso Studio has permitted the creation of electronic parts for different works by Portuguese and foreign composers, which have been presented at Portuguese and international festivals, in cooperation with diverse ensembles, soloists and conductors.

Within the promotion of Research connected with contemporary art, Miso Music Portugal has also realized symposiums and conferences under the subject of Music and Science, for example in the framework of the Música Viva Festival (2003 - Music and Science Symposium; 2007 - European Conference on Artificial Life ECAL).