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Electroacoustic Winds 2015 at O'culto da Ajuda

22 09 2015 21:30

O'culto da Ajuda
Lisbon, Portugal

At the invitation of the Miso Music Portugal, the CIME, Research Centre for Electro-Acoustic Music at the Aveiro University, and the Arte no Tempo association, organize in Lisbon an extension of the Electroacoustic Winds 2015, in the framework of a concert highlighting the music of the three composers, guests of honour at the 1st International Electroacoustic Music Congress in Aveiro: John Chowning, Jean-Claude Risset and Daria Semegen.


Jean-Claude Risset . Oscura (2005)
stereo, for loudspeaker orchestra (ca 13')

John Chowning . Phone (1981)
four channels, for loudspeaker orchestra (ca 12')

Daria Semegen . Arabesque (1992)
stereo, for loudspeaker orchestra (ca 8')

Isabel Soveral . Anamorphoses III (1995)
stereo, for violin and loudspeaker orchestra (ca 12')

Jean-Claude Risset . The Other Isherwood (2015) -
eight channels, for loudspeaker orchestra (ca 10’)

John Chowning . Voices (2005/2011) -
four channels, for soprano and loudspeaker orchestra (ca 12')

Maureen Chowning . soprano
José Machado . violin
Loudspeaker Orchestra . Miso Music Portugal

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