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Salt Itinerary at Teatro da Rainha

17 10 2015 21:30

Teatro da Rainha
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Salt Itinerary

Miguel Azguime – composition, texts and performance
Paula Azguime – staging and video  
Perseu Mandillo – video
André Bartetzki – video programming  
Miso Studio – technological implementation

With music and texts composed by Miguel Azguime and video composition by Paula Azguime, the Salt Itinerary is a one man show based on the metaphor of Salt as an essential element in sustainable life, and a unique ingredient making difference between insipidity and flavour. Salt Itinerary is thus a paradigm for an alliance between creativity, technology and innovation in performing arts, joining in a singular manner, tradition and contemporaneity, theatre, music and image. It is a reflection on creation and madness, revolving around language as well as words as meaning and words as sound...


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