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CICLOS • Concertos da Escola Artística de Música • Conservatório Nacional no O’culto da Ajuda

de 13 de maio de 2019
13 de maio de 2019

Tiago Sousa (Tenor) e José Carlos Pereira (Guitarra)
Várias canções de John Dowland:
-Dear, if you change
-My thoughts are wing'd with hopes.
-Come, heavy sleep
-Away with these self loving lads
-Come again
-Flow my tears
-Now, O now I needs must part
Ciclo de canções de Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: The Divan os Moses-IBN-Ezra:
Parte 1- Songs of wandering:
1-"When the morning of life had passed..."
2-"The dove that nests on the tree-top..."
3-"Wrung with anguish"
Parte 3 - Of wine, and of the delights of the sons of men:
7-"Drink deep, my friend..."
8-"Dull and sad is the sky..."
9-"The gardeb dons a coat of many hues..."
Parte 4- The world and its vicissitudes:
10-"Men and children of this world..."
11-"The world is like a woman of folly..."
12 -"Only in god I trust..."
19- "Wouldst thou look upon me in my grave?..."