Miso Music Portugal Concert Season

The Miso Music Portugal Concert Season is a cycle of performances organized in connection with various activities exercised by Miso Music Portugal during the year. The Concert Season programmes have different character, varying between events dedicated to electroacoustic, mixed or acoustic music, performances for children, events dedicated to education through art, concerts organized on the occasion of new CD releases or special events dedicated to one composer in particular.
This wide range of proposals is joined by the Miso Music Portugal's quality of providing new music concerts on the highest level, with the participation of renowned performers from the world over. As always, in our programming strategy we give focus to Portuguese music, putting into perspective 20th and 21st century works and the ones being created here and now.

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Música Hoje 170 · Novidades discográficas com Música Portuguesa

from 10 07 2020
10 07 2020

10 de Julho · 1h00 da madrugada · Antena 2

Música Hoje 170_14 – 2020 · Novidades discográficas com Música Portuguesa · Paulo Jorge Ferreira · Hugo Vasco Reis

Música Hoje apresenta edições recentes em CD com música de compositoras e compositores portugueses da actualidade. Nesta emissão destacamos Contemporary Works for Accordion de Paulo Jorge Ferreira e Chamber Music I de Hugo Vasco Reis, dois discos editados em 2019. Paulo Jorge Ferreira lançou um CD com repertório contemporâneo original para acordeão, de compositores com perspectivas musicais distintas, incluindo obras suas. Por sua vez, o disco de Hugo Vasco Reis revela uma série de obras de câmara de produção recente do compositor, peças escritas entre 2014-18 para diferentes pequenos conjuntos instrumentais.


July 10 · 1h00 a.m. · Antena 2

Música Hoje (Music Today) 170_14 – 2020 · New CD releases with Portuguese Music · Paulo Jorge Ferreira · Hugo Vasco Reis

Música Hoje (Music Today) presents recent CD editions with music by Portuguese contemporary, female and male composers. This programme is dedicated to Contemporary Works for Accordion by Paulo Jorge Ferreira and to Chamber Music I by Hugo Vasco Reis, two releases from 2019. Paulo Jorge Ferreira's CD is composed of original contemporary repertoire for accordion by composers with different musical perspectives, including pieces of his own authorship. In its turn, Hugo Vasco Reis' CD reveals a series of his recent chamber works, composed between 2014-18 for different instrumental sets. 


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