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Electronic Music

The objective of various Electronic Music projects by Miso Music Portugal, is to present the Art of Music in conjunction with technology - relation, which in truth has left its mark throughout the history. Just think of the appearance of the piano-forte and its technological sophistication, and you will understand this connection…
Nevertheless it is from the mid-twentieth century that, effectively, the relation between music and technology has become closer and more direct, taking into account the development of numerous electric, electronic and digital machines, among which the computer is nowadays a paradigmatic instrument.

And so a new music was born in the the mid-twentieth century. Throughout its history of around 70 years, it has been named in a variety of ways, including: musique concrète, electronic music, computer music, electroacoustic music, acousmatic music, among many other names.

The characteristics of this new music imposed specific technological means, and, particularly, systems of diffusion and sound projection by means of loudspeakers. Once again, Miso Music has  also been pioneer in this domain in Portugal, for having created in 1995 the first Portuguese Loudspeaker Orchestra. Since then the Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra has undergone a number of improvements, and it has largely contributed to creating appreciation of this revolutionary music, born around 1950s.    

In connection with the Miso Studio and specially for the Loudspeaker Orchestra, Miso Music Portugal has created various performances and concert programmes with Electronic Music (which can obviously be adapted to the requests and needs of programmers and organizers). These programmes include the performances of the Electroacoustic Theatre such us the Erotic Sound Stories (Contos Sonoros Eróticos), the Sound Walk installations (resulting from an annual "call" to composers from the world over), as well as a series of concert programmes with the Loudspeaker Orchestra, in some cases accompanied by video projections, in order to present the newest creations together with historical or thematic perspectives.

Among the predefined programmes we give emphasis to 70 Years of Electronic Music - a historical panorama of this music, which came to revolutionize the Art of Music in an indelible way; Pop-Rock Precursors - a journey through the key electronic music works, which influenced other music genres such as the Pop-Rock; Electronic Portugal - a panorama of electronic music in Portugal, since the pioneers until today; and Electronic Geographies, presenting what is being done in this area in other parts of the world and establishing connections with Portuguese creations.

All performances of Electronic Music developed and carried out by Miso Music Portugal do rely indeed on the excellence of the Loudspeaker Orchestra and the Miso Studio, when it comes to sound diffusion and performance of the presented works.