Salt Itinerary

New Op-Era - Miso Ensemble

Salt Itinerary is a supreme example of alliance between creativity, technology and innovation in performing arts, connecting in an unique way tradition and contemporaneity, poetry, theatre, music and image.

Recognized by many as an unforgettable artistic experience, replete with humour, conducted by the virtuosity of the voice, the mystery of poetry, the sound plasticity, the emotional tension of music and the quality of Miguel Azguime’s unanimously acknowledged interpretation.

A “one man show” of great artistic quality, where sound, staging, video and movement concur for a performance, which elevates to true excellence the Art “made in Portugal”.

Salt Itinerary, an original and challenging spectacle, with proofs of appreciation received from all around the world, is based on the Salt metaphor, as life’s essential element for sustainability and as a unique ingredient, which makes a difference between insipidity and taste.


"Itinerário do Sal" on YouTube

Salt Itinerary Libretto (PDF)


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