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Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble Soloists

Chamber Music

Since the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble is constituted by exceptional musicians with individual, soloist careers, it has became obvious quite soon and due to various demands, that it would of great importance to develop, within the ensemble, special programmes with works for solo instruments and electronics, taking advantage of the artistic competence of the musicians, as well as the available technical means. In view of the development of mixed repertoire (combination of acoustic instruments with electronic means) for solo instruments in the recent years, this project gained even more urgency.

Nuno Pinto (clarinet) & Miguel Azguime (electronics)

Nuno Pinto, a compelling clarinetist in the Portuguese music scene, allies in this recital his long devotion to Portuguese music (many of the works were written especially for him) with a taste for challenge and technology. The composer, Miguel Azguime, brings his long experience in the use of technology linked to music in order to build with Nuno Pinto an exceptional partnership in the presentation of new music for clarinet and electronics, with special focus on music by Portuguese composers.

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Ana Telles (piano) & Miguel Azguime (electronics)

The second proposal of a recital for solo instrument and electronics emerges once more from the complicity of an exceptional performer with the composer Miguel Azguime. This time the instrument is piano and the soloist Ana Telles, about whom the critics have recently written: "Ana Telles is a brilliant pianist… spectacular. Ana Telles took the piano to a different level..." This is also a recital dedicated to the piano’s relations with computer technology, with a special focus on music by Portuguese composers.

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