Der Klang des Südens

Within the project, Der Klang des Südens, Miguel Azguime created the work entitled Lissabon Klang, based on the text by Juli Zeh.

Lissabon Klang
text: Juli Zeh
music: Miguel Azguime

narrators: Ágata Mandillo, Ana Mandillo, Frances M. Lynch, José Grossinho, Jakub Szczypa, Miguel Azguime, Paula Azguime, Pedro Ferreira, Perseu Mandillo, Raimundo Cosme, Rosinda Costa, Simon Frankel.
recording and editing: Miso Studio
production: Miso Music Portugal 

Der Klang des Südens, the Sound of the South, is a journey to the cities of Geneva, Barcelona and Lisbon, through Sounds, Words and Music.
The project's starting point is a meeting of one or more composers from each of the cities, and the creation of a sound diary - every composer recorded sounds, voices, noises and the music of "his/her" city. These diaries were then sent to three German authors, who took them as an inspiration to write texts. Subsequently, these texts were sent to the composers who created radiophonic compositions.

The project invites for an exploration and journey through the sonorous impressions, stimulating the mechanisms of memory and imagination, where the city is felt and heard inside out.

In Lisbon, the composer Miguel Azguime gave his sound diary to the German author Juli Zeh, who provided him with a text for the composition. The other teams within this sound journey are: from Geneva - the composers Giacomo Lepri, Irene Pacini, Michele Pizzi, Luca Serra and the writer Nora Gomringer; and from Barcelona - the composer Ariadna Alsina and the writer Judith Kuckert.

The project was presented in Lisbon, Geneva and Barcelona.

FaLang translation system by Faboba