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If it is true that Miso Music Portugal operates simultaneously on several fronts, from creation to preservation, from research, production and edition to divulgation, promotion, internationalization or pedagogy, … nevertheless the engine for everything is the Creation, which defines in the best way the vision, mission and activity of Miso Music Portugal.

From the outset, the starting point for the Miso Music Portugal artistic projects has been Paula and Miguel Azguime's creative activity, either individually or together within a collective practice marked by the unicity of the duo's artistic voice, where the sound, visuals and technology merge together in order to speak of the most pertinent subjects of the modern world. From the Miso Ensemble to New-Op-Era projects, among others collaborations with many performers and artists from distinct areas, Paula and Miguel Azguime within Miso Music Portugal, "have energetically permeated" the national and international artistic scene.

Always giving priority to the Creation of new music, over the years Miso Music Portugal has developed various projects, which give composers the opportunity to concretize their artistic ideas in excellent technological conditions, simultaneously giving value to their individual voice and stimulating their creativity. 

In this context, on the one hand, we propose the composers two annual events, already renowned on the national and international panorama, and organized to stimulate creativity and promote the art of sound, that is: the Música Viva International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and the Call for Electroacoustic Miniatures - Sound Walk

On the other hand, since 2001, Miso Music Portugal has been developing an intensive programme of Commissions, having realized until today commissions to 120 composers of all aesthetics, and particularly to Portuguese composers. 

The third type of Miso Music Portugal's Creation projects are the Residency programmes where, on the one hand, the composers can work at the Miso Studio, in the context of the LEC (Lab for Electroacoustic Creation). On the other hand, thanks to the Association's membership at the ISCM and other international networks, it is possible to organize creation residencies abroad, for instance at the Center for Composers in Visby (Sweden) among other possibilities.

At Miso Music Portugal we privilege, stimulate and defend the freedom of Creation within the plurality of points of view, as the highest value of every human being.