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Miso Music Portugal was born as an extension of the Miso Ensemble created by Paula and Miguel Azguime, and it is precisely because the Association has in its foundation the intensive artistic work of this duo, that all its activities developed over the years have as main objective responding to the needs of the artists who work with the Association.

The Miso Ensemble is the core, which gives life to all projects developed by Miso Music Portugal, among which one should emphasize its own creations - initially chamber music performances (flute, percussion, electronics), which then have been transformed into multidisciplinary performances of greater dimensions (Yuan Zhi Yuan, Salt Itinerary, A Laugh to Cry, among others), as Miguel and Paula Azguime have always shown a particular interest in the convergence between various arts.

The realization of these objectives and also combining research with creation, whose products always bring new and surprising artistic results, became possible thanks to the foundation of the Miso Studio and the Loudspeaker Orchestra. Consequently these two entities made it possible to create the Electroacoustic Theatre Company - a genre where the Association is pioneer in Portugal.   

To these activities one should add projects developed by Miso Music Portugal with its associated artists, that is: the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble, an international reference regarding the performance of new chamber music (and particularly Portuguese works); the Children and Youth Choir of the Lisbon University, with which Miso Music Portugal realizes regular performances, as the children opera, The Little Girl Water Droplet; and finally the Matosinhos String Quartet, presently a reference in Portugal and abroad, whose devotion to the divulgation of Portuguese music is without precedent.

With all these groups Miso Music Portugal collaborates directly, providing the technical excellence of the Miso Studio and the Loudspeaker Orchestra, either influencing and choosing some of the concert's programmes, or being author of some of the performances.