Carlos Alberto Augusto in the Lab for Electroacoustic Creation - LEC

Carlos Alberto Augusto will be in residence in the O'culto da Ajuda between 25 January and 27 February at the Lab of Electroacoustic Creation of Miso Music Portugal. The composer will be preparing the presentation of his opera TMIE, standing on the threshold of the outside world, co-produced by Miso Music Portugal. On 8, 9 and 10 September the opera will be presented in O'culto da Ajuda, in a world première. At the same time, Beverly Biderman will be in Portugal for a conference on her book "Wired for Sound: A Journey into Hearing". Marina Pacheco will be the performer of this opera written and conceived by the composer.

TMIE, standing on the threshold of the outside world: from the spirals of the universe to the spirals of the inner self is an opera created by the composer Carlos Alberto Augusto. It is inspired by the work of the Greek philosopher Empedocles, which the composer considered the author of the "first theory about hearing". Carlos Alberto Augusto thus constructed a musical theater that crosses three stories and three characters played by one singer.

The composer was also inspired in the story of Beverly Biderman, a canadian woman with a profound hearing loss. At the age of 46, after growing up progressively more deaf, she received a cochlear implant, an electronic device to stimulate her hearing nerves. She slowly learned to make sense of, and love the resulting sounds she heard - including music - and describes her remarkable experience in a moving book titled "Wired for Sound: A Journey into Hearing." Through the spirals of her cochlea, Biderman managed to connect the outside world with her inner self.

Carlos Alberto Augusto has worked mainly in the composition for theatre and theatre-music, with dozens of creations for various groups, especially the regular collaborations with the Teatro da Rainha. His music has in most cases a strong theatrical component. He studied with Murray Schaeffer and Barry Truax, in addition to having collaborated with the composer Constance Capdeville. New digital media and video represent now the core of Augusto's activity, as a musician and sound designer. He has developed an intense research work and writing in the area of ​​"acoustic ecology". He worked in research, legislation, standardization and control of noise.

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