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Starting from the principle that opera is by its nature a syncretic genre, the operatic creations / productions by Miso Music Portugal give emphasis to its reinvention through new technological means, having in its centre the sound as fundamental and "germinative" unity.

Between words and music, analogue and digital, acoustic and electronic, between opera and performance, the productions by Miguel and Paula Azguime constitute a true symbiosis between the sonorous and the visual, always in the perspective to speak of the most pertinent subjects of our time.

The multimedia opera Salt Itinerary is the concretization of a creation on writing - musical, poetic and gestural. It constitutes a great monologue on absence and isolation in the creative act, where the voice is the extension the poet-composer's body and thought.

The children opera The Little Girl Water Droplet for children choir, reciter, electronics and video, speaks of the importance of the water cycle, its indispensability for the life of human beings on Earth, being concomitantly intended for children imagery, both at the musical and visual level.

Finally, the metaphysical theatre A Laugh to Cry, commissioned by the Warsaw Autumn 2013 Festival with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, explores some of the essential concerns of the humanity, constituting a reflection on the hegemonic power of memory destruction, devastation of the Earth and speculating on the collapse of humanity, yet always with the perspective of reinventing the future.

Although these productions constitute, among others, three different performance proposals, all of them are marked by the quality, rigour and originality of the language developed over the years within the Miso Ensemble by Paula and Miguel Azguime.