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Concurso Música Viva 2020 · Resultados

1.º Prémio: Zhaoyu Zhang, “Inheritance” · Menções Honrosas: Simone Conforti, “MusicThatMoneyCanBuy"; David Q. Nguyen, “Adumbrations”
1st Prize: Zhaoyu Zhang, “Inheritance” · Honourable Mentions: Simone Conforti, “MusicThatMoneyCanBuy"; David Q. Nguyen, “Adumbrations”

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Following the path of Itinerário do Sal

10 to 28 February 2017 | 
O'culto da Ajuda | Lisboa

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Tra le terre

New piece by Miguel Azguime for the Italian ensemble Ex Novo.
Commission by Teatro La Fenice for its festival Lo spirito della musica di Venezia and the 2015 Marathon.
The piece’s title Tra Terre refers to the Mediterranean Sea, not only as a geographical place in itself but also as a place of encounter of different cultures. The premiere will take place on the July 9 2015 at Teatro La Fenice in Venice.


ConCordas for 13 strings by Miguel Azguime is a new string orchestra piece written for the Camerata Alma Mater and its conductor, Pedro Neves. The premiere will take place at the end of 2015 (date and place to be announced). The piece features a continuous transformation of a unique complex sound aggregate morphing itself into several different states. Here the string orchestra functions as a unit, as if an instrument made of 52 strings (13 x 4 strings).

Sweet Jasmim

Sweet Jasmin is a new didactic work for cello solo, recently composed by Miguel Azguime. It is a 3-part suite, where each movement has a different difficulty level, encompassing the 3rd and 8th grades of the curricular programme at the National Conservatoire. This piece will be performed by Jasmin de Costa Mandillo, a pupil of the 3rd grade from October 2014, who attends the cello class of André Ferreira.

Son a ta demeure for clarinet and ciano

At the request of the clarinet & piano duo, that is Nuno Pinto and Elsa Silva (both Soloists of the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble), Miguel Azguime has composed a piece dedicated to these two exceptional musicians. The world-premiere performance of the new work will take place at the end of October at the O'culto da Ajuda, new Miso Music Portugal venue. The concert will have a live broadcast on the Antena 2.

De Fond en Comble

De Fond en Comble is the title of a new piece by Miguel Azguime for bass-baritone and live electronics, with staging by Paula Azguime. It results from a commission by Nicholas Isherwood for his project Electric Voice. The world-premiere performance of De Fond en Comble will take place at the end of November 2014, within the Música Viva 2014 Festival. The work will be also presented on December 14 in Marseille, at the GMEM (Centre National de Création Musicale de Marseille).

New Piece with Physical Modelling Synthesis (title to be announced)

In the context of European Art-Science-Technology Network, during this year Miguel Azguime is performing an artistic residency at the ACROE Studio (Association pour la Création et la Recherche sur les Outils d'Expression) of the Institut National Polytechnique in Grenoble. Within this residency Miguel Azguime is writing a new electronic work, which employes physical modeling synthesis as its paradigm. For this purpose the composer uses the computer language, Cordis-Anima/Genesis.

(ThS)inking Survival Kit

(ThS)inking Survival Kit results from a commission of the City of London Festival with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in coproduction with the EGEAC. This work constitutes an original response to the festival's theme, that is biodiversity and climate change, including the problem of rising sea levels.

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Der Klang des Südens

Within the project, Der Klang des Südens, Miguel Azguime created the work entitled Lissabon Klang, based on the text by Juli Zeh.

Lissabon Klang
text: Juli Zeh
music: Miguel Azguime

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Salt Itinerary

New Op-Era - Miso Ensemble

Salt Itinerary is a supreme example of alliance between creativity, technology and innovation in performing arts, connecting in an unique way tradition and contemporaneity, poetry, theatre, music and image.

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No Sítio do Tempo

At the Place of Time (Invention on Lisbon)
Miso Ensemble 

No Sítio do Tempo (Invenção sobre Lisboa) [At the Place of Time (Invention on Lisbon)] is a sound (and visual) abstraction about Lisbon, presented from the binomial perspectives of three different times: past and myth, present and crossroads, future and utopia.

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The Little Girl Water Droplet

Children Opera

This performance and work was designed for a large public, as a pedagogical and an entertaining challenge both for the audience and the participants.
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A Laugh to Cry

New Op-Era

A Laugh to Cry explores some primary concerns, which have always haunted human beings, and reveals them from the perspective of our contemporary globalized world. This gains shape through a meditation on the hegemonic power of the destruction of memory, the devastation of the Earth and even the collapse of humanity.

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