Temporada Miso Music Portugal 

A Temporada Miso Music Portugal que teve lugar, entre 2007 e 2013, no Instituto Franco-Português (inicialmente) e no Goethe-Institut de Lisboa (posteriormente) passou, a partir do final de Outubro de 2014, a ter lugar no espaço da Miso Music Portugal o O'culto da Ajuda

O'culto da Ajuda, um novo espaço para as Artes Musicais e Multidisplinares Contemporâneas em Lisboa, um novo espaço de criação, experimentação e partilha entre criadores e público.

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Yammer Schooner (be kind to me) • cinema

21 04 2021 21:00

O'culto da Ajuda

Cinema • Yammer Schooner (be kind to me) 100min. (2019) de  Luciano B Cieza 


By abstractly presenting the relationship with nature of several different groups of people, governments, and corporations, Yammer Schooner explores and questions the oppressive and totalizing view western culture has developed, where there is but one story, the same for everyone. A universalism and standardization that does not admit the plurality of civilizations and that reduces the extraordinary diversity of societies to a few forms of economic organization, unaware of how other cosmologies, economic systems, and geographic articulations contain the bases of alternative social and technical configurations. A culture that negates the idea of coexistence and that doesn’t realize the negative impact it has on nature and on other beings as self mutilation. Yammer Schooner proposes to us another knowledge, non-scientific and non logical; a unitary vision of the world: the account of a spiritual awakening, a rediscovery and defence of a knowledge open to the undefinable. The inexpressible that exists in all things and from which a new order can be created in oneness, in togetherness with life in a broad sense.

Yammer Schooner is a call to detach from the bounded, uniform sense of self that we are (or think we are), which the state and capital have created and imposed on us, to another that we are and that is always different from us, the other. An opening to another knowledge and another way of being. A recovery of the direct vision of the world, before separation, before true or false, real-or-illusory, pretty-or-ugly, good-or-bad. We lost the power that unites the one who looks with that which is seen. We all once saw the world with that previous look but we have lost the secret. Yammer Schooner is a call to reconnect with that other way of looking that understands that our joy and liberation are inextricably connected with the life of each and every one of our planet’s organisms.

Documentation of screening and text for unannounced performance:
(Buenos Aires 20/5/2019)

Yammer Schooner is a multidisciplinary and micropolitical project. It's a documentary. It is a device of affective action. It is a space of invention, experimentation, activism and cultural transformation. It is a door, or it can be. Yammer Schooner is an invitation to a collective experience that seeks to de-colonize the mind, and open the spaces and knowledge of the body and imagination.